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Our team consists of specialists in the field of personal productivity.

Almost every waking moment throughout my professional career was spent on finding the optimum productivity solutions. We built Klippz because it is what we use every single day. We are passionate about productivity and "getting things done". We do professional talks at Fortune 500 companies about productivity and getting things done. Helping people to become more productive is our life mission.

Marthinus Strydom CEO

Marthinus is one of South Africa's foremost technology entrepreneurs. He has been involved in e-commerce, B2B commerce and software development for more than 25 years. Marthinus owns a number of highly successful technology businesses, including an early stage venture capital company.

Marthinus is pasionate about work-flow, productivity and the pshycology that drive highly successful people. He has applied these skills successfully in his career. Marthinus was voted as one of South Africa's top ten most influential technologists and won the perstigious Deloitte Best Company To Work For in South Africa award.